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Ann-Sofie Bjerre
Master student at University of Melbourne

Ann-Sofie received a B.Sc from University of Copenhagen. During her degree she became a part of Unit for Cognitive Neuroscience, Copenhagen. Her interests lie within the neural networks and how neurons communicate. She is currently doing her Master of Biomedical Science at University of Melbourne and will be investigating the integrative properties of oblique dendrites, mainly using electrophysiology in vitro

Joined the Palmer Laboratory in 2017


  • Sommer J. B., Bach, A., Malá, H., Gynther, M., Bjerre, AS., Gram, M. G., Marschner, L., Strømgaard, K., Mogensen, J., Pickering, D. S. Effects of Dimeric PSD-95 Inhibition on Excitotoxic Cell Death and Outcome After Controlled Cortical Impact. Neurochemical Research.