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Jay (Yuan) Wang
Internship Student at the Florey Institute
Master student at Heidelberg University, Germany

Jay received his Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences from University of Calgary, Canada. He is currently undertaking his Master of Neuroscience degree at the Heidelberg University, Germany. He is interested in molecular neuroscience, neural networks, Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia research. He is currently investigating the involvements of dendrites in learning, memory and behavior in the S1 layer 2/3 primary somatosensory cortex using in vivo optogenetics.

Joined the Palmer Laboratory in 2017


  • Charkraborty S, Zawieja SW, Wang W, Lee Y, Wang YJ, von der Weid PY, et al. (2015). Lipopolysaccharide modulates neutrophil recruitment and macrophage polarization on lymphatic vessels and impairs lymphatic function in rat mysentery. American Journal of Physiology: Heart and Circulatory Physiology, 309(12), H2042-2057.