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Sean Murphy
PhD candidate/Research assistant

Sean received his B.Com from Charles Sturt University and was a researcher at the University of Bern, Switzerland and the Charite University, Berlin. He is interested in how neural activity is modulated by drugs of addiction and to address this, Sean uses electrophysiology and calcium imaging in vivo.

Joined the Palmer Laboratory in 2013


  • Murphy, S.M., Palmer, L.M., Nyffeler, T., Müri, R., Larkum, M.E. 2016. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) inhibits cortical dendrites. eLife. 5:e13598, 1-12.
  • Palmer, L.M., Schulz, J.M., Murphy, S.M., Ledergerber, D., Murayama, M, Larkum, M.E. 2012. The cellular basis of GABAB-mediated interhemispheric inhibition. Science. 335. 989-993